The U.S. House of Representatives believes that the four major technology companies have substantial monopolies

After 16 months of work, the US House of Representatives antitrust investigation team used a 449-page report to point out that the four major technology companies-Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google-had substantial monopolistic behavior. It is believed that they have seized control in their respective fields and began to play the role of gatekeepers.




Big companies bring welfare to society, but society also pays a price. The four major technology companies have established rules in key areas such as e-commerce, Internet search, advertising, mobile devices and applications, and social networks, but at the same time they often break the rules to seek more benefits that belong to the company. The House of Representatives hopes to change the current situation of these companies as athletes and referees and also responsible for building sports fields.


For example, regarding Amazon's market share in the e-commerce field, the report claims that it may be as high as 74% in some categories. And began to use this huge scale to suppress competitors. For example, abusing platform sellers' data to compete with rivals, blocking competing product advertisements, etc.


The earlier dispute between Epic Game and Apple was also mentioned in the report. Apple played a powerful role in this matter, prohibiting Epic from using its own payment channels to bypass the App Store’s 30% commission.



The House of Representatives recommended strengthening existing anti-monopoly regulations and strengthening Congress’s oversight. The Judicial Committee recognized that the facts mentioned in the report meet the monopoly conditions, but it will take months or even years to advance to the legislative level.

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