Teslas quarterly profit sets record

As of September 30, the latest quarterly financial report showed that Tesla's quarterly revenue was 8.771 billion U.S. dollars and net profit was 331 million U.S. dollars, a very large year-on-year increase.



In terms of vehicle production and delivery capabilities that the outside world has been paying attention to, the company maintains its set goal of completing 500,000 vehicles this year. "The key to achieving it is the production capacity of the Shanghai plant and the growth of Model Y."


The annual production capacity of the Model 3 in the Shanghai plant has reached 250,000 vehicles, and in addition to supplying the Chinese local market, it will also be exported globally. A Shanghai-made Model 3 is priced at 249,900 yuan in China and can be delivered two weeks after the order is placed. The estimated price of Model Y is 488,800 yuan, and it will be delivered in 2021 as soon as possible.


In terms of the progress of the new product, the first delivery of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck with a unique design is also within 2021. CEO Elon Musk hopes to reach a stable mass production level by 2022.




In answering whether the overall goal for 2021 is "84 to 1 million", Musk said "more or less".


Some analysts also pointed out that Tesla's financial skills are too high, and its revenue from selling points is 397 million US dollars. Without this income, the company will not be able to achieve profitability. At the close of US stocks yesterday, Tesla had a market value of approximately $393.8 billion, making it the world's most expensive automaker. Its stock has risen by about 400% this year, making it one of the favorite investment targets of US retail investors.

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