The conflict between Apple and top game studios continues

Epic Games, the owner of the world's top cross-platform game "Fortnite", the Unreal Development Engine, and the EGS distribution platform, is increasingly arguing with Apple and Google.



"Fortnite", which was taken off the App Store and Google Play due to the introduction of its own payment method, is the most direct conflict. Subsequently, Epic released a short film ad imitating Apple's early classic ad "1984", ending with the phrase "Don't let 2020 become 1984" to call on the majority of players and developers to resist Apple's "one size fits all" model.


Yesterday, Apple informed Epic that it would terminate their developer account at the end of the month, and issued a statement: "The problems caused by Epic can be easily remedied, as long as they update the application in accordance with the rules that apply to all developers. We will not Epic broke the rules because it would be wrong to put their business interests above the principles of protecting customers."


After receiving the notice, Epic filed a request for intervention by the US government. This in turn involves the dispute over whether the owner and processing rights of the developer account belong to Apple or Epic.


Currently, "Fortnite" can still be played on PC, XBOX, PS4, Switch and other platforms, with more than 350 million registered players. In April this year, Epic teamed up with rapper Travis Scott to hold a large concert in the game, which detonated the game’s highest popularity in history, and the number of online players exceeded 12.3 million.

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